Wpf binding not updating

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My XAML code for the status item is like this: why dont you use a datatrigger for your listbox item?


These problems can occur in several different situations, but a common issue is when you try to bind to a property that doesn't exist, either because you remembered its name wrong or because you simply misspelled it.

The latter can for example be very useful for bindings in Styles and Control Templates and when you want to bind to some property in a parent element.

The data itself updates and I receive no binding errors so expect everything is bound correctly it is just that the style doesn't seem to update at all.

Let's say you have a custom WPF control called Search Text Box.

In the UI, I simply bind the List View against the list of Programmers in the View Model (the Data Context, unless otherwise stated, is the root of the binding path).

I then bind the Text Box against the Selected Item of the List Box.

the setter for the bound property of the Data Context to get called, as the user is typing into the Text Box you set the Update Source Trigger property to enumeration.

The problem is, that when I bind property from e.g. I went through quite a few pages and tried a lot of options, but none of it worked. c# wpf xaml dependency-properties | this question edited Mar 27 '16 at asked Mar 27 '16 at Jaka Konda 562 7 21 Search for MVVM and data binding tutorials – Glen Thomas Mar 27 '16 at It would help if you include the actual XAML for that custom control with just one example of the Text Box and its binding.

At the end, I finally found a working solution which involves changing // Relevant code public static readonly Dependency Property My Value Property = Dependency Property. Best regards, – Alex Bell Mar 27 '16 at @Alex, I added the solution, but I'll update the question with some inline code. So, do you want us to modify your code to work without that line? Best regards, – Alex Bell Mar 27 '16 at | show more comment As you have provided too little information, code would be nice, i have a few notes for you.

In a MVVM WPF application, the view model acts as the window’s Data Context: This means that that all controls inside the window will inherit its Data Context unless some parent element of a control overrides this by setting its own Data Context property.

You can also accomplish many data binding tasks using Visual Studio 2010.

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