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They can only work in the "box" or "space" where we have put i Update It into the site.

They can easily write any text they want including adding fonting like sizing, colors, italics, bold face, and most of the standard text options.

This could be a simple Homepage Highlight box on your homepage or it could be the entire content of a page (like a Latest News or Events page).

We've used it for all sorts of great and interactive ways to get our clients keeping their sites hot and active.

The following table shows where Commerce Server components are located and how you can update them.

Use Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Application Center 2000, the Content Deployment tool, or another Web-page publishing tool.

Updates are critical to your customers’ perceptions of your company, as well as to search engine ranking.

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For more information, see Do not, under any circumstances, update the content type definition file for a content type after you install and activate that content type.

When you initially deploy your Web site, you use Commerce Server Site Packager.

To update the content of your site, you use a variety of tools depending on the component you are updating.

Available in Share Point Online Microsoft Share Point Foundation lets you make changes to a content type, even after you deploy it to a site, add it to lists, and assign it to items.

You can even ensure that those changes are propagated to the child content types of a site content type.

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