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Demystifying the man who jealously guards his privacy has proved difficult.I dont think a profile is a very good idea, said Hulley when approached for an interview. Unlike others in his profession, Hulley is clearly not a lawyer who hankers after publicity.The survey, which was conducted by HDI Youth Marketeers, polled over 10 000 youth from both urban and peri-urban parts of the country.Caption: Seen at the awards ceremony is Damelin Bramley, General Manager GK Reddy and Sales Manager, Ntuthuko Ngcobo, Damelin Centurion General Manager, Kerry Staple, Damelin Menlyn General Manager, Liza Rootman and Damelin Benoni General Manager, Thanesan Govender.

The results highlight the ever-changing patterns within the international marketing sector by exploring the shift from our current generation to the next.

But thanks to his high-profile client he has landed what will probably be the .

Those close to him, including relatives, portray Hulley as highly respected in Durbans coloured community of Wentworth. He goes into court with a purpose, fulfils it and leaves, says one lawyer.

In common to everyone who has something to say about Hulley is the hushed tones in which they speak and only on condition of anonymity.

The Sunday Times is getting fat and dominates the Sunday print market, but that doesn’t mean it can become complacent.

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