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at the adult get the dildo and at the department store get the Christmas outfit , return home.go see Jess talk to her ``shes a lesbian`` back to office lock the office door get undress, then go see the boss and flirt `if you did everything right Sarah will bend over` go home thursday.would be nice to have more options on using the computer or doing things in the office (with a locked door) also could use a little more varation on screwing in the end, but realsize it is a free game after all....thanks to all the computer guys and gals who put this (and other games like it) on the net for us to kill some spare time....To get Sarah with her boss I downloaded it and looked through the pics to see what I needed to do for that ending: You need a dildo and the christmas costume.Great graphics, as usually, but consequences should be more obvious.but then again, they seem to be getting more usual lately and that is awesome!please help me Getting the boss final is easy, u need costume for the party, compliment boss on monday, on wednesday strip to underwear with locked door, talk to Jess (do talk, then u get the info that ur boss is lesbian), copy u bare breasts and after that u can flirt with the boss.

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Not spectacular, but at least a deviation from the norm.

First of all you can choose and customize the actors.

Dislike the graphic changes from VDG`s usual games, great that it has a female perspective.

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