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You think the likes of Valve, EA and Blizzard wouldn't charge for online if they could? MS tried to charge PC players for online once, and all that did was make PC players, who were used to free competitors, riot until they backtracked.

That pretty much scared everyone else out of even thinking about it.

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All Photobucket images hosted on third-party sites, at least from what we can tell, are replaced by a dummy image.

Yeah, and don't get me started on the SBC fucktard I talked to.

They don't say it on the website, but I suspect they charge the dollar to cut down on fake address changes.

I didn't know this, and I used my last 10 bucks to buy food. The easy thing about not having much money is that I can do the math in my head, and I knew I hadn't spent more than . You're charging me for not having enough money." No reaction. A mattress wouldn't take out of itself every month." That's true, he said. They'd hate to lose me as a customer, but maybe I could use other bank accounts for now.

But there on the screen was a fee, followed by two tiny purchases, each with their own overdraft fee. He asked me if I had at least one direct deposit of 0 or more every month. I worked part time, and my paychecks varied depending on how many hours I got. I said I'd be closing my account when I got paid again, and left. Back then, Boeing required its factory workers to buy their own tools, but banks were not lending money to the kind of people who were working at Boeing's factories.

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