Justin timberlake whos he dating

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“Last time she [Jessica] was here I was asking her what she loves about being married,” De Generes says.

“She said her favorite thing about being married is being able to say ‘my husband.’ That’s what she loves.” “That’s it? “I’m just kidding.” Timberlake and Biel, 31, were married in October after dating for five years.

Try new hair-styles with that gorgeous hair in Justin Bieber haircut games.When it comes to female celebrities in the dating game, Taylor Swift and Lucy Hale take the cake.As for the men, Harry Styles comes to mind and, obviously, Justin Bieber.A witness said: Justin was really taking his time... Word in the blogoshere is that JT is "in love" with Jessica. they recently stayed together at a hotel in the UK and went to a soccer game.

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