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The Arameans, the speakers of all those dialects, are first directly mentioned in cuneiform texts from the end of the twelfth century B. where they are said to belong to the Akhlame group of people.

C., Aramaic-speaking groups in increasing numbers pushed successfully into the settled areas of Mesopotamia and Syria. In Syria, Aramaic-speaking groups succeeded in founding a number of city states and federations around Aleppo and Damascus that dominated the history of the region for about three centuries, though in conflict with, or as vassals of, the rulers of Mesopotamia.

On the one hand, there is the religious poetry of rulers in Old Persian.

Differences in the method of transmission present a further difficulty in the way of direct comparison.

Canadian Charitable Number: 848606067RR0001 (Click Here to See IRQR profile on Canada Revenue Agency The most common place Iranian LGBT flee to is to Turkey where they seek aslym from the UNHCR.

Today the resettlement process, administered by the UNHCR, can take up to 3 years where in the past it was 10-14 months.

Under Islamic Republic of Iran law, LGBT face systemic persecution and are deemed to be criminals just for being who they are.

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Constitution (English) Constitution (Persian) State Structure IVL: Leadership | Judiciary | Executive | Legislative Who's Who (BBC)-A collection of Profiles of notable contemporary Iranians. Iran: Who Holds the Power (BBC)-Learn about how Iran's complex political system works and who really wields the power.

(an extinct West Iranian language) is known to have been used in southwestern Iran.

Other ancient Iranian languages must have existed, and indirect evidence is available concerning some of these.

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