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Due to heat of the lowlands our tour are located in the highlands were the temperatures are moderate and more conducive to outdoor walking.Our guides are active walkers themselves and knowledgeable about the plant life, birdlife and other wildlife of the area.Indeed, Scotland has been described as having the least equitable distribution of land in the developed world, a feudal hangover which means that just 432 people own half of all private land.Because of this, vast swathes of the Highlands act as little more than a playground for the very richest, where absentee landowners fly in at the weekends to stalk deer, drink whisky and prance about in tartan and Hunter wellies.The accompanying advert has been slickly directed by Guy Ritchie, and follows Becks and his attractive companions as they journey to the Scottish Highlands.With each of them soaring through the glens via Aston Martin, vintage motorcycle, Land Rover or seaplane, they arrive at their plush Highland getaway just in time for a wee dram and a group photo on the banks of Loch Affric.Our self-drive holidays with fixed dates offer pre-booked accommodations on certain days; all there is left to do is to choose a car and start looking forward to an adventure in Iceland!

"We are seeing increased interference in local government.Many come from noble stock, the same families who’ve owned land for centuries, while others - City bankers and Emirati billionaires - are more contemporary additions to Scotland’s landowning elite.The pages of high society bible recently saw Scotland’s aristocrats, both old and new, fretting about the outcome of the independence referendum.They blamed the SNP government for cuts to local authority grants and imposing national legislation limiting councillors ability to make decisions.Sutherland Labour councillor Deirdre Mackay expressed concern at the meeting.

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