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I then collected personal and organizational stories in Southeast Asia and greater China to understand the ecosystem of LGBTI community.

Then earlier this year I was excited to join Beijing Gender Health Education Institute (Beijing Gender) to take real action!

Due to negative media attention following a scandal in 1991, Reubens decided to shelve his alter ego during the 1990s, then gradually resurrected it during the following decade.

It was at that time that Reubens addressed plans to write a new Pee-wee film, Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Movie.

Hi, my name is Martin and I love exploring all the diverse ways that people live their lives.

I’ve been always interested in learning more about gender and sexual diversity and equality issues.

When I heard the story of Chao Xiao Mi, a friend in the LGBTI community who was mistreated in a shopping mall for using the toilet, I couldn’t help but relate it to my own experience.

The bar is owned by a ‘friend of the devil’ who personifies pride, but is also quite terrifyingly pervy. He gets to say whether your sin is bad enough to qualify for a sip from the emerald liquid and considering some of the terrible stuff that the crowd confesses to, he sets the bar very high, or low, depending on your perspective.He bought me new undies and brought them over [when he met me] for lunch.""At work they used to say I was going to wear a trail in the carpet from my office to the bathroom.They also said they should bring me the mail in the bathroom because that's where I always was."I was sitting at my desk at work, and I jumped up to go to the bathroom.This bar with a difference has been set up as part of the Vault Festival, which has grown into a major London festival, mainly focusing on theatre but also showcasing new and rising talent in comedy, music and film., located in one of the Vault's many tunnels, is free to visit for Vault Festival members (which costs £30) or £26.75 for non-members. But then, you're not just paying to go to a bar, you're paying to be entertained for a hour and a half while you’re enjoying the bar.

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