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If we were to break my life into two parts, the part labeled “Sims player” would be longer than “non Sims player.” In middle school, friends would ask to come over so they could create versions of themselves and their crushes.In high school, I’d quietly play on weeknights instead of doing my homework.And all but one of those I interviewed said that they had at least one G-chat or Skype window open throughout the day, every day — some of them checking in with as many as five non-work friends or family members every hour.And the majority of these young workers said that they felt far more connected moment to moment with people outside their workplaces than with any co-workers — the nearby colleagues, including bosses, with whom they communicate primarily through e-mails or chat programs.Sims only needed to kiss three times in a row to make a baby in early versions of the game, but that’s evolved over the years.

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The necessary and artful tango between inner-directed and outward-focused, first chronicled in David Reisman’s landmark 1950 book , has been problematically transformed by technology. My informal survey of a dozen people I know under the age of 35, working in a range of desk jobs, all in the U. — law firms, big entertainment companies, small start-ups, publishing houses — revealed that whatever the design of their office spaces, most younger people in our increasingly post-telephonic office world wear headphones about half of the time they’re working.

So if your webinar topic is boring as bat’s piss, they’ll chill out with funny cat videos on You Tube instead.

To get your readers to watch, you must wow them with a topic that’s as satisfying as placing the final piece in a puzzle. Hidden in your blog are two sources of fail-safe webinar topics: your list of popular posts, and the list of keywords that lead readers to your site.

As I sit to write each morning, I draw upon the vast network of people (many in active chat windows) with whom I’ve worked in the trenches over the course of a 35-year career, while also having the benefit of opinions and insight by expert strangers a click away.

I sometimes even wear earplugs that allow me to immerse more deeply into my subject matter, creating a bubble that blunts distractions and sharpens my focus. Alone, and yet truly interacting with people, even if they are across town or in a different country.

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