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My goal through blogging is to encourage, enlighten and inspire.

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There is no need for you to know any special programming language.

It is very easy and takes minutes to have your dating website up and running.

” While I’ve ranked women in the past, my many years of experience learning about women, love, life, and myself has lead me to the conclusion that — for your own personal benefit — it’s best to abandon rankings.

Consider the effect it has on your own long term happiness. A lot of guys start learning how to meet and date women because they haven’t been able to nail down the types of girls they wish they could.

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If you’re a woman reading this, then you may not have a clue what I just said.

I’m talking about the 1 to 10 rating scale used by a lot of guys to rank women in terms of attractiveness, from 10 being God’s gift to mankind and one being …well… “So and so is dating an 8.” “I was out with a nine last night.” “This 6 blew me off, I can’t believe it!

Now I’m not saying that this book alone is enough to save a relationship that’s in a total tailspin — what I am saying though is that it will stabilize things and at least allow you to bring her in for a controlled crash landing.…and it definitely helped one of my married buddies improve his already quite good marriage.

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