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If a celebrity is even remotely indirectly connected to the story ET will report on it. Scroll down to yesterday’s blog post for all the entry details. Photo above is from my recent hike to the Scott Run Preserve here on the Potomac river. But, you know…technically, it’s still release month. After catching Phil and his Amazing Bathmat, I might have to watch the glam bunch win little gold men. I like the police procedural, but after so much personal development before, it feels almost anti-personal development now, with all the main characters. So, what’s the deal with him and Henry’s book, and all those wet hanging pages he’s restitching into Henry’s book. I did like the resolution of the Frederick/Princess Abigail story…but wonder what’s going to happen with their Storybrooke counterparts. I have addresses from Judy and Jennifer, so Sara, send yours along to me and I’ll be sending out your prizes right away. Go spend the buck.29, download the dang thing, listen to it three times, then move on. But, factor in the mad crazy stage and arena and singing live on tv in front of millions for the first time ever and, well, I can cut them some slack. ) In the meantime, don’t forget to enter the Leap Year Contest! Tags: Writing by Donna 2 Comments » Hello Happening Blog Babes! This has been such an odd warm winter here in the DC area, it’s felt like spring anyway, so might as well get on with it. I shipped out the rest of the February contest winner prizes today. Again, I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and support during this exciting multiple release month! Tags: Writing by Donna 1 Comment » Okay, so before we get to Amazing Race and Good Wife dish, was that Apolo Anton Ohno making his acting debut on Hawaii 5-0 last night? I’m surprised that news wasn’t splashed everywhere. One complaint…how is it that Danny has already been dating someone for 3 months? Don’t jump ahead on us, we want to see the romance blossom. I’m assuming he’s still carrying the torch for his ex, so this relationship will be inconsequential, but then…why have it? But they haven’t done a good job, at all, about making us really understand that world-straddling and his inner confusion. I’m just hoping that, perhaps, given that’s the only storyline really getting viewer backlash, they’ll jump a little faster into developing it, given it’s a cornerstone character of the entire series who we really can’t afford to become this disenchanted with so early into the story. Very interesting that we learn a wee bit more about August aka The Stranger. they will talk about it for weeks on end to the point where the public envy that celebrity. I regret that IMDb can only allow a minimum of one star rating and not zero or even in the negatives. ET is one big reason I avoid pre-evening shows in general.

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