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Exonum is developed and supported by the Bitfury Group.

Exonum is the direct result of extensive research and testing by our elite team of the best-in-class mathematicians, scientists, developers and analysts coming together to create and support this inimitable platform. It is decentralized (isn’t stored in any single location), meaning the records it keeps are not falsifiable being at the same time easily auditable by design.

D) A general partner’s liability is limited by the amount of their investment.

7) Which of the following is/are an advantage of incorporation?

B) A limited partner’s liability is limited by the amount of their investment.

C) A limited partner is not liable until all the assets of the general partners have been exhausted.

We are not driven to collect data – that is not our purpose. We’ve created in-depth courses based on established psychological and child development theories, which you can access in bite-sized 15-20 minute chunks.

Our popular online course about 0-18 year olds was the first to be awarded the Government's CANparent Quality Mark.

How did the way they were compensated influence their decision making?

We've created the online resources and courses for you to enjoy, and to help you develop as a parent as your family grows. You will gain insight into the psychological and neuro (brain) science behind your child’s behaviour.

We’ve built a range of courses with you in mind so that you can understand your kid’s development in depth but quickly and easily, on your own or with your partner. There is also an antenatal online course and a postnatal online course. We’ve built some fun tools to help you be part of your son or daughter’s and your grandchild’s life.

Our trusted online antenatal course was designed by Registered Midwives and health professionals.

Our postnatal course was designed by health visitors and health professionals.

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